June 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm

IAOS Membership Drive

We are all aware, there are significant costs associated with maintaining our Masjid and providing the service to the Muslims community in Regina. Currently, the maintenance cost is increasing compare to the donation we receive every month. Your Masjid and your Islamic Association need your support to cover these operating costs. This is a great opportunity for us to spend the money that Allah SWT has provided us, to support his house and the reward will be many fold in this world and hereafter, Insha-Allah.

The best way to support your Masjid and the Islamic Association is to become a member. The membership committee of IAOS is running a membership campaign during Ramadan. Please support your Masjid and the association and become a member. The schedule of membership campaign is as follows:

Date Day Location Time
02-June-2017 Friday IAOS Main Masjid After Juma Prayer
23-June-2017 Friday IAOS Main Masjid After Juma Prayer

You can fill out the Membership form and drop it off in the Masjid’s Donation Box or you can apply online at IAOSREGINA.COM or at one of our booths during the campaign.



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