IAOS Weekend School
                      For Qur'anic, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies
                      Learning Programs for Youths
                          Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
About Us As Muslims, we are obligated to educate our children to live an Islamic life, respecting and abiding by the principles of Quran and Sunnah. Living in a non-Muslim environment is a challenge for all of us. The need for an Islamic school emerges as a survival tool for all Muslim children in a non-Muslim environment. The Islamic school is an extension of the parents’ efforts to instill Islamic practice/values into an impressionable and formidable mind. It is the wholesome environment of Islam that promotes brotherhood, consciousness of ALLAH, conviction to Islam, religious identity and an acceptable atmosphere to practice the Deen. The IOAS Weekend School was established in March 2014. The children are taught three subjects during the weekend that are crucial to their Islamic identity: Qur’an recitation and memorization, Arabic (the language of Qur’an) and the Islamic Studies. We pray that you understand and appreciate this golden opportunity and strive wholeheartedly to support this effort.
Our Vision Building a proactive partnership among children, teachers and parents so that our kids can be blended in the society without giving up their Islamic values and being very proud of being Muslims
Our Goals The goals of our program are centered on: 1. Increasing students' understanding of Islam and fostering their love of Islam 2. Offering them an opportunity to socialize and expand their circle of friends 3. Teaching interactive Arabic so that they can understand Qur’an better 4. Helping them integrate into western community as a proud Muslim
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