Ijazah Program

IAOS has introduced the Ijazah program in teaching Quran for whoever is a strong Hafiz with proper Tajweed. Our Imam Sheikh Mohamed will provide the Ijazah on behalf of IAOS.

What is an Ijazah in Quran?

It is a certificate, given by a qualified Qari of the Quran and Tajweed, with an Isnaad (Chine of reliable narrators), from me up to the Prophet (PBUH).

Conditions of granting an Ijazah:

1)   Reciting the whole Quran from Al Fatiha to Al Nas, from the student’s own memorization.

2)   The whole Quran must be 100% accurate and proper with Tajweed without any mistakes.

3)   Memorizing Matn (Poem) المقدمة الجزرية in Tajweed by Imam Ibn Al Jazri and understanding its meaning.

4)   The student must be trained and qualified to teach others after he is granted his Ijaza.


The importance of the Ijazah program:

InshAllah the Muslim Community in Regina will have (qualified) Huffaz that we can trust to lead Taraweeh and teach Quran whenever is needed.

Registration and Information: Please contact, Sheikh Mohamed at imam@iaosregina.com


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