The youth committee organized a number of activities that took place between October 2015 to the end of September 2016 include the following list:

Waking Young Minds Group:

  • Number of events: Youth Iftar Raman, Kayaking
  • Nature: Sports, Educational & Fun
  • Number of volunteers per event: around 30
  • Participants: 100

IAOS Library Group:

Number of events: Read initiative, 10 webinars, Summer Challenge, Weekly classes (English, Arabic, Computer), Quran Corner, Online Ramadan Retreat Conference, Math Tutoring, Social Gatherings.

  • Nature: Educational
  • Number of volunteers: 8
  • Hosts: Other Weekly Activities for our Community


IAOS Sports Group:

  • Number of events:
  • Three weekly soccer activities, Swimming, Basketball, 3 soccer tournaments (IAOS Team),
  • Weekly Table Tennis Tournaments for youth
  • Number of volunteers 9
  • Participants: 45


Future Activities:

  • Youth Leadership WorkShop
  • Winter Soccer Tournament
  • Winter Challenge


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