The Masjid is the heart and centre of a Muslim community. It is a place where Muslims can rekindle their spirituality, meet their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, and most importantly, strengthen their relationship with the Creator.

As the Masjid is the House of Allah SWT, we are under a duty to treat it with the utmost of respect.

Unfortunately, there have been ongoing issues with damage being caused to the Masjid. This is often caused by playing children and lack of parental supervision of these children. In order to safeguard our Masjid, starting immediately, the Main Hall, Basement Hall & Kitchen, Sister’s Main Hall and an overflow room will be locked nightly one hour after Isha prayer or after the last scheduled event. These areas will be unlocked and accessible again every morning for Fajr Salat.

We would kindly ask that anyone bringing their child(ren) to the Masjid, please supervise them and ensure that they do not cause damage just as they would in their own home. Indeed, the Masjid is deserving of greater care and respect than even our own homes.

We thank everyone for your continued support and cooperation in protecting our Masjid.


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