Sri Lanka Bombings

The Muslim community of Regina is shocked and deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that killed over 200 people, many of who were worshipping in their churches on Easter Day. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka and around the world.

We strongly condemn this heinous crime against humanity. The Imam of Jamia Al-Azher, the oldest and most prestigious Islamic University said today, “I could not imagine a human being would target the innocent on their feast; these are truly terrorists whose natural instincts contradict the teachings of all religions.”

We stand in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters during this difficult time, and offer our support in working against all forms of hatred. Within just the past six months, Regina community members from all faiths and different walks of life have united to mourn and support the victims of Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, Christchurch mosques shootings, and bomb blasts in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. We need to continue working together to counter hate and bigotry with love, peace and harmony.


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