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Volunteer for IAOS Islamic Educational Conference

The IAOS Islamic Educational Conference (July 2019) needs your help.  We are in need of both male and female volunteers for the success of this event. Without volunteers, it will be very difficult to smoothly run this event and make it as beneficial as possible. Please, take some time and register as a volunteer! In doing so, you will be making this conference possible and gain great rewards for your part in this great event! Volunteer positions include:

  • Volunteer supervisor (one for sisters and one for brothers)
  • Refreshments Organizers
  • Driver for Shuyuukh
  • Babysitting during the workshop (Paid position. Payment depending on the number of children)
  • General volunteers

 Please Join the IAOS Islamic Educational Conference team!

Please send your full name, age and phone number to the following email address:


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