IAOS Masjid Reopening Plan

IAOS Masjid Reopening Plan

The Province has allowed for places of worship (including our Masjid) to start opening from June 8th. This reopening is to proceed with limitations and extreme caution. We are, therefore, currently working on beginning the reopening by having a portion of the masjid ready for one Salat a day for a maximum of 15 people from June 15th, 2020.

We have consulted with health professionals and religious leaders who have advised starting with the minimum possible service required to maintain the Islamic ritual and then periodically reassessing the situation to increase services.

We fully understand and appreciate how anxious we all are to see our masjid reopen for all five daily prayers and, InshaAllah, that will happen soon. However, the safety of worshippers and the community remains a priority and a gradual and methodical opening will reduce the risk of adverse health outcomes and having to shut down again, as the pandemic evolves.

The Board, the two Imams and other committee members have also decided that since Jumma Salat is one of the most important communal rituals, it should restart in the masjid, beginning with 2-5 attendees. We will ensure that Jumma Salat is offered in the masjid regularly, but it will NOT be open to the public until further notice. Guidelines for those interested in attending the Salat in the masjid will be announced as soon as all the necessary arrangements have been put in place, InshaAllah.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in these extraordinary circumstances.


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