Invitation to bid on As-Salam New Masjid Project

Invitation to bid on As-Salam New Masjid Project (Foundation and Concrete Work)
Alhamdolillah IAOS is inviting bids from reputed construction companies for the first major component of the As-Salam New Masjid Project, which is the “Foundation and associated Concrete Works”. IAOS wants to give an opportunity to community members who own construction companies to bid on this and future work.  Community members who own reputable construction firms in Saskatchewan and would like to bid on the first work component are requested to contact, by using their official email account, one of the following team members of the IAOS As-Salam New Masjid Project team:
1. Brother Hikmet Abdulkadir at
2. Brother Yasir Al-Awad at
The Project Team will evaluate the potential bidders and if found suitable will be sent a Bid Package. The closing date of Bids will be August 7, 2023. Therefore please contact the above mentioned team members at the earliest, preferably by tomorrow, July 25 (4PM) if you want to bid on the work.
As-Salam New Masjid Project Team


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