Bi-Weekly As-Salam Mosque Project Update – August 17, 2023

Alhamdolillah the site has been cleared and graded for construction to commence; this work involved removal of grass, debris from previous building demolition and removal of damaged fence.

Alhamdullilah, the City of Regina has approved the permit for building foundation for the site. An invitation for the Foundation package was sent out to contractors for pricing. The bids have been received and a contractor will be recommended to the IAOS Board in a day or two. Construction will start a few days after that, Insha Allah, if all goes well.

On the building side of things, 66% of building drawings were issued to IAOS for review and comments were provided. Now 90% of the building drawings are expected in the next couple of days. Mechanical and Electrical drawings are also expected at the same time. These drawings will be issued to potential contractors so that the contractors can start working on the quotations. Final construction drawings are scheduled to be issued by the Architects in early September 2023 which will allow Mechanical and Electrical contractors to complete their quotations and submit them. Final Building drawings will also be submitted to the City of Regina in early September to ensure we have approval from the City as soon as a contractor is selected for that work.


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