Begining of Ramadan 2017/1438

Ramadan Kareem!


Ramadan Kareem/Mubarak from the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAOS), Regina. Ramadan Begins Saturday, May 27th 2017 Insha’Allah. 

First Taraweeh Prayer: Friday May 26 2017

As per the General Body resolution “to follow the moon sighting announcements by local hilal committee and/or GTA for Ramadan…”

The Hilal Committee of Metropolitan Toronto & Vicinity has announced:

“There have been confirmed sightings of the new crescent in the parameters of the Hilal Committee on the eve of Friday May 26th, 2017 (29th Shabaan 1438), therefore the Hilal Committee of the GTA officially declares Ramadan will begin on Saturday 27th of May, 2017.”

Prayer Times during Ramadan

  • Fajr – 3:20 AM throughout Ramadan
  • Maghrib – 10 minutes after Sunset / Ifter time as per IAOS Ramadan Calendar
  • All remaining prayer times will be scheduled every week.

Weekly Halaqas: No Halaqas during Ramadan. Halaqas will resume after Ramadan.


IAOS Taraweeh Prayer Locations:

  • IAOS Main Masjid (3273 Montague Street, Regina S4S 1Z)
  • Glencairn Neighborhood Recreation Centre (2626 Dewdney Ave E, Regina, SK S4N 4V5)

               Please note:

                   * Both locations will follow the same Taraweeh prayer schedule

                   * Both locations will have separate space for Sisters


Taraweeh Prayer at Other Locations

  • All Masjids and Musallahs in Regina have arranged Taraweeh Prayer during the Ramadan
  • Taraweeh Prayer has also been arranged in Regina Huda School Gym – @ 40 Sheppard Street, Regina, SK
  • U of R Mussallah at Riddle Center.

Tarawih Etiquette: For those leaving before 20 raka of Tarawih are complete, please keep the noise down and do not engage in conversation in the prayer halls or just outside the doors to the prayer halls as the noise is disturbing to those who are continuing to pray. Out of respect for the Masjid Neighbors, please do not gather outside the Masjid after Tarawih Prayers as the noise is disturbing to our neighbors.

Children and Tarawih Prayers: We request that children younger than 10 years of age, NOT be brought for Tarawih Prayer. Your children should remain at your side during the prayer. Children found wandering inside or outside the masjid will be returned to their parents by our patrolling security person.

Parking: “We are requesting all the community members to park the vehicle appropriately on IAOS parking lots or on the street. IAOS is not responsible for any ticket issued for inappropriate or illegal parking.”




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