The IAOS has several Committees operating under it that assist with the various functions and objectives of the Association. It is with the hard work and help of the dedicated members of
these committees that the IAOS can accomplish much of what it does to continue serving the Muslim community.

The IAOS is currently in NEED of volunteers for several committees. These committees include:
(Please click on Committee to see the purpose and duties and responsibilities of each Committee)

  1. Education Service Committee
  2. Maintenance Committee
  3. Sports Committee


This is an excellent way to gain organizational experience, build your resume and most importantly, to become more involved in and give back to the Muslim community. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your Resume and a brief statement (one paragraph) of why you would like to assist, and include the name of the committee that you might be interested in joining, to by November 15th, 2022


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