IAOS Education Fund – Urgent Donation Request

Currently, IAOS is delivering a good number of Islamic educational programs such as Full-time Quran Hifz School, Part-time Quran Hifz School, Evening Quran School, SaturdaySchool, Sunday School, Huffaz Revision Program, Summer School and so on.

Alhamdulillah, we got around 160 students for our Summer School Program. Most of them are new immigrants and don’t have affordability to pay the Fees. So, we need your support and donation to run this program and help the children to learn the Quran.

We are requesting our community members to donate generously to our “IAOS Education Fund” and support our Islamic educational programs and services for the sake of Allah SWT. Insha’Allah you will get huge rewards from Allah SWT for your contribution for this noble cause.

You can put your donation (Cash or Cheque in an envelope marked with “IAOS Education Fund”) into our Donation Box in the Masjid or Online through IAOS Website.

JazakAllah Khair for your support.


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