Update on New Mosque and Community Centre Project – January 2017

The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan – Regina (IAOS) obtained a 5.2 acres piece of land from a private seller on Pearl Street parallel to Highway 33 for the construction of a new mosque and community center. The land falls under the jurisdiction of the Rural Municipality of Sherwood (RM) and is situated in an area where approval or non-approval of religious sites is at the discretion of the Council of the RM.

IAOS applied for construction of Mosque and Community Centre to the RM. Six months after applying IAOS received information from the RM that the application had been declined. The reason cited by the RM for rejection was that the lot was located in an area earmarked as Small lot Agricultural District and the Council’s vision for this district is a limited number of low-density residential areas integrated into the existing agricultural community.

In 2016, IAOS submitted a new application in 2016 based on the following:

  • The facility meets the requirements of the RM of Sherwood’s Official Community Plan.
  • The site is located in Joint Planning Area and Collaborative Planning Area of the RM of Sherwood and the City of Regina that will transition to urban development over time assisting growth.
  • The facility offers a unique opportunity to be a model of inter-municipal cooperation for Collaborative Planning Area to ensure mutual benefit.
  • Nature of area has changed dramatically over last four years and will continue to change with the opening of the Regina Bypass in 2017.
  • We want to develop and maintain cordial relations with neighbors.
  • Building design and proposed access, lighting and landscaping will ensure privacy and minimal disturbance to neighbors from Bypass and Mosque.

The Administration of the Rural Municipality of Sherwood in its report to the Council in September 2016, has supported the approval of the Mosque and Community Centre, with certain conditions. The final decision is now pending with the Council. The Council will make a decision on our application early in the year 2017.


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