The Regina Islamic Centre & Mosque has been a focal point for Islamic worship, community development, relationship building and education. The Islamic Centre & Mosque has served the Muslim community of Regina and the surrounding areas for over three decades. With the efforts of community volunteers, the Islamic Centre continues to be at the forefront promoting unity amongst the diverse backgrounds, supporting all efforts of peace and co-operation with its neighbors, and becoming a voice for education and well being. The Muslim community of Regina has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of Muslim residents residing in Regina and the surrounding area. To accommodate this increase, the Islamic Centre has already begun and completed many phases of renovations. The Islamic Centre & Mosque has also increased the number of educational, social, religious, and sports programs for Muslim men and women of all ages; supported by a full service library consisting of Islamic books in both Arabic and English.

The Islamic Centre & Mosque provides the five daily congregational prayers. Prayer times are updated on a weekly basis and posted online and in the Islamic Centre. Two Friday prayers are held every week. The Islamic Centre & Mosque also provides services during Ramadan and Eid.


The Regina Islamic Centre & Mosque is located on the south end of the city on Montague Street. Regina has seen an increase in the number of places of worship meant to serve the growing community. The following are:

North West Mussalah
111-5031 Sherwood Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan

Masjed Al-Noor
1025 Winnipeg St
Regina, Saskatchewan

Madni Masjed
639 Pasqua Street
Regina, Saskatchewan

Musallah Al-Khair
2 Sheppard Street
Regina, Saskatchewan

Baitul Mukarram Musallah
1237 Albert St. (2nd Floor)
Regina, Saskatchewan

Rahmah Centre
2159 7th Ave. (2nd Floor)
Regina, Saskatchewan

University of Regina Musallah
Muslim Students’ Association
RC 285 Riddell Centre, University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan

Faizan-e-Madina Islamic Center
1169 Athol St, Regina, SK S4T 3C3
Regina, Saskatchewan


The Regina Huda School is the first Islamic school in Saskatchewan, established in 1999. The Regina Huda School represents the want and the need to build and sustain the Muslim population in Regina. The Huda School is proud to remain at the forefront of providing an excellent option for families who remain keen on combining Arabic lessons, Islamic studies and regular school classes for their children.

General School Information: 40 Sheppard Street, Tel: 306- 565-1988, for more information>>


Muslims arrived in Saskatchewan at the end of the 19th century. Most of them came from Lebanon and settled as farmers in southwestern Saskatchewan, around Swift Current. A significant number of Muslims also arrived in Saskatchewan in the 1960s; they came from Asia and the Middle East, mainly from countries with a large Muslim population. more>>


Regularly referred to as the Queen City, Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan and is known for its beautiful summer weather and endless winter and summer activities. The city is the second largest in the province (after Saskatoon), and is a cultural and commercial metropolis for both southern Saskatchewan and adjacent areas in the neighboring American states of North Dakota and Montana. more>>


The increase of the Muslim population in Regina also witnessed an expansion of Islamic services. Regina is now home to several halal (zabiha) grocery stores where a variety of goods and services are provided. The Queen City has also seen an increase in the number of restaurants that provide a halal choice for those devoted Muslims. Apart from the food industry, smaller businesses have increased that also provide special services. Keep an eye out for business advertisements on the Islamic Centre & Mosque bulletin board and online website.

Please check directory for all the listing:

Regina Muslim Business Directory


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