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Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAOS) is the main Islamic organization in Regina. The IAOS provides various programs and services. They include but not limited to Daily prayers, Juma prayers, Taraweeh prayers, Eid prayers, Weekly Halaqas, Islamic Education for Children, Brothers and Sisters, New Muslims class, Ramadan Iftar program, Funeral Services and other programs and Services. IAOS has been serving the Muslim Community in Regina over the last 30 years. There are significant operating costs associated with managing those programs and services as well as maintaining the facility.

The IAOS organization is run by the support of members donation. IAOS is looking for the support from the Muslim community in Regina to cover the operating cost. The best way to support the IAOS is to become a member and an opportunity to be rewarded by the Allah SWT by donating and supporting the house of Allah SWT.


How to become a Member      


    • If you are a Muslim of the age of 18 years or over and living in the province of Saskatchewan, you are eligible for membership


Membership Fee
Monthly $20 Individual
$40 Couple
Annual $240 Individual
$480 Couple


Application Process:

  • Apply and Pay Online
  • Download Membership Form. Then Fill in and drop it off at the Masjid with a Void Cheque


Membership Deadline:

  • You can apply for the Membership at any time of the year
  • To be eligible to vote in any year, you have to be a member by August 31st with payment of monthly donation for last one year (September to August)


Download Membership Documents:

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Support your masjid and get rewarded in akhira.


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