The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Regina) is proud to provide the following services to the Muslim communities of Saskatchewan:

• Daily Five Time Prayers
• Two Friday Prayers, Salat-ul-Jummah
• Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan
• Iftar (to break fast) arrangements during Ramadan
• Week Day Islamic School Classes
• Weekly Youth Halaqa for Brothers and Sisters aged 13 and up
• Brothers Martial Arts Classes;
• Islamic Library
• Daily Hadith After Salat-ul-Maghrib or Salat-ul-Isha
• Nikah/Marriage Ceremony on Request
• Acceptance of Shahada (Meaning Conversion to Islam)
• Funeral and Burial Arrangements for the Community Members
• Youth and Family Counseling
• Conflict Resolution
• Community Potluck Dinners on Eid-ul-Fitr / Eid-ul-Adha
• Islamic Camps and Picnics for Children/Youth During Summer
• Sports activities for Children, Youth and Adults
• Social Gatherings for Children and Youth

Funeral and Burial Arrangements

Below are the links to download funeral process, costs and burial permit form:

Getting Married under IAOS

1)    Contact one of the Officials listed below to make arrangements for the Marriage.
2)    Obtain a Saskatchewan Marriage Licence (mandatory).

Officials Registered to Perform Marriages under the IAOS

(H): 306-585-0090

(H): 306-761 2863
(W): 306-359-7885

(H): 306-585-1016

Please contact the IAOS to setup an appointment: here

Saskatchewan Marriage Licences

Saskatchewan Marriage Licences are mandatory for all couples wishing to be married under the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Regina, Inc.


Alternatives to Paying a Provincial Fine

The Fine Option Program is not an alternative to sentencing but gives people the opportunity to settle fines by doing unpaid, supervised community service work at a rate of $11.60 per hour, rather than paying in cash. The Ministry of Justice works with town councils, First Nations communities, local non-profit organizations or an individual to administer the Fine Option Program in the community under a contractual agreement. These organizations or individuals, called fine option agencies, assign suitable community service work to people who register to settle fines under the program. The agencies also advise the court of the outcome of the assignment.

For more details please click here

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