New Muslims

IAOS Efforts for New Muslims

Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAOS) helps newly converted Muslims to learn about Islam through The book of Allah SWT Holy Quran and the Hadith of Prophet (PBUH). After Shahada, IAOS supports the new Muslims by proving a welcome package, introducing them to the community members and providing them a copy of the Quran and other necessary materials and delivering Islamic lessons (New Muslim Class) every week so that new Muslims can learn about Islam and then practice on it correctly.


Class Schedule

Day & Time: Every Thursday @ 7:30 pm

Location: IAOS Library

Instructors: Sheikh Mohamed (IAOS Imam) and Sheikh Maher

Topics: Pillars of Islam (Faith, Salah, Fasting, Hajj, and Zakah), Wudu (ablution), Taqwa (being aware of Allah), Purification, Forbidden in Islam, Moral character, Dress for Muslims, Family, Halal and Haram and so on.


Convert Care Committee

IAOS formed a committee that looks after the newly converted Muslim Brothers and Sisters for any support they may require. This committee also organizes the activities and events for New Muslims.

Convert Care Committee contact:


Learning AIDS for New Muslims   

1) E-learning site for New Muslims:

2) Learning Arabic: – CIC’s Diploma in Arabic & Islamic Studies

Enroll by Jan 30th, 2017 language-islamic-studies/

Cambridge Islamic College is committed to providing the highest standard of Arabic and Islamic Studies learning on an online platform, so as to be accessible to students all over the world. The full program is two years in length and takes students to a deep level of Arabic comprehension, to the point that they will be able to understand the Quran, Hadith, and classical Islamic literature. It’s a great opportunity for many of those who are serious about their relationship with the Quran and learning Islam from the primary sources.


For course details, see the course brochure:

To enroll:


3) New Muslims Guide:


4) Bayyinah TV:


5) Inspiration TV Series:


6) Other Suggested Links:


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