Islamic Knowledge Competition


Alhamdulillah, Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAOS), Regina is proud to organize the 1ST Islamic Knowledge Competition for the Children of Regina Muslim Community to motivate them to seek more knowledge on Islam.

Through our competitions, Insha’Allah the children will gain more knowledge on Islam, enjoy competing with peers, and will enjoy the prizes.

Levels of Participant:

Level – 1 (Grade 1-3)

Level – 2 (Grade 4-6

Level – 3 (Grade 7-9)

Level – 4 (Grade 10-12)

Competition Date:  February 16, 2019, at 9 AM

Address: Regina Huda School, 40 Sheppard St., Regina, SK S4R 3M6 

Registration Fee:   $10 per participant

Registration Deadline:   January 31, 2019

Registration Methods:

  1. Drop off the Registration Form with Fee (Cash or Cheque) at IAOS Masjid @ 3273 Montague Street, Regina, SK
  2. Online Registration
  3. Online payment – please make sure the participant’s name is mention in the personal message box.
  4. Registration Form is also available at the IAOS Masjid

Please Note: The Prize will be given to the first 3 winners of each level as well as all the participants. The topics and sample questions will be posted for all Levels on the IAOS Website by January 31, 2019.

 Practice Materials (Questions Bank and Topics) for the Participants

Please click on the following link to download:

Level – 1 (Grade 1-3) – Verbal exam. (Questions Bank): Questions Bank – Level -1 – Final

Level – 2 (Grade 4-6) – Verbal exam. (Questions Bank): Question Bank – Level -2 – Final

Level – 3 (Grade 7-9)  Written exam. (Selected Topics): Level -3 – Topics    
Level – 4 (Grade 10-12)  Written exam. (Selected Topics): Level – 4 – Topics


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