The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Regina Inc. is a non-profit organization of Muslims dedicated to education and services in the City of Regina and surrounding areas of Saskatchewan.  The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan’s (IAOS) Regina Chapter was created in the mid-1970s and the first mosque was established in the city in 1982.

The IAOS Regina runs an Islamic Centre & Mosque.  It is a place where Muslims gather for worship as well as for educational, social and sport activities. The Islamic Centre consists of a main prayer hall for brothers and a private room for sisters, Wudhu areas (washrooms) for brother and sisters, a library, a social area, and a kitchen.

IAOS Regina circulates weekly newsletter to interested community members by email. Please subscribe to IAOS Regina to receive weekly prayer times, announcements, and updates.

IAOS Regina is blessed with the knowledge of Imam, as well as the services of countless volunteers, Committees and the Board.



The Regina Islamic Centre & Mosque has been a focal point for Islamic worship, community development, relationship building and education. The Islamic Centre & Mosque has served the Muslim community of Regina and the surrounding areas for over three decades. With the efforts of community volunteers, the Islamic Centre continues to be at the forefront promoting unity amongst the diverse backgrounds, supporting all efforts of peace and co-operation with its neighbors, and becoming a voice for education and well being. The Muslim community of Regina has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of Muslim residents residing in Regina and the surrounding area. To accommodate this increase, the Islamic Centre has already begun and completed many phases of renovations. The Islamic Centre & Mosque has also increased the number of educational, social, religious, and sports programs for Muslim men and women of all ages; supported by a full service library consisting of Islamic books in both Arabic and English.

The Islamic Centre & Mosque provides the five daily congregational prayers. Prayer times are updated on a weekly basis and posted online and in the Islamic Centre. Two Friday prayers are held every week. The Islamic Centre & Mosque also provides services during Ramadan and Eid.



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