IAOS New Masjid Site Info

IAOS New Masjid Site Information Session and Fundraising Event

New Site for Masjid:

As you are aware the IAOS offered to purchase a property located at 525 12th Avenue Regina last year, which was later found during environmental assessment to be partially contaminated. Based on the concerns expressed by the community during the community engagement session on March 25, 2018, IAOS has declined to purchase that site.

Alhamdulillah, we are very pleased to inform you that IAOS has now offered to purchase an ideally located site near the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Park Street. The Site address is 641 Victoria Avenue East. The site exceeds IAOS criteria of easy access, large size and zoning. It is located on a major corridor i.e. Victoria Avenue and is also accessible easily from Park Street and from Arcola Avenue. It is 2.5 acres in size and is large enough to accommodate ample parking of more than 150 cars.  The Site’s zoning permits for places of worship. It has a building with a large hall which can be converted into a Masjid with some investment in the building.  Site location is shown below.

May Allah SWT have mercy on us and bless this effort.

Community Information Session:

IAOS is looking for community support and is arranging a community information session on Sunday June 10 at 2 PM (after Dhohar salat) at the south Masjid to formally introduce the property and answer any questions.

Fundraising Event:

A fundraising event has been arranged on June 13, 2018 (27th Ramadan) to collect the amount. IAOS will have to raise $1 million over the next few months to buy the property, Insha’Allah. The IAOS Board along with the Fundraising committee intend to raise the desired amount in order to acquire the property Insha’Allah.

Site Location:


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