Fine Option/Community Services

Fine Option/Community Services

IAOS is proud to announce that it has an approved status to provide Fine Option/Community Services Organization. It provides alternatives to paying a provincial fine.

Alternatives to Paying a Provincial Fine

The Fine Option Program is not an alternative to sentencing but gives people the opportunity to settle fines by doing unpaid, supervised community service work at a rate of $11.60 per hour, rather than paying in cash. The Ministry of Justice works with town councils, First Nations communities, local non-profit organizations or an individual to administer the Fine Option Program in the community under a contractual agreement. These organizations or individuals, called fine option agencies, assign suitable community service work to people who register to settle fines under the program. The agencies also advise the court of the outcome of the assignment.

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Kindly Contact Brother Tahir Hashmi (306-999-3786 or email director2@iaosregina.comto make arrangements for the Volunteer hours. 


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