New Hufaz 2020 – Congratulations!

New Hufaz 2020 – Congratulations!

We are pleased to announce that recently four students from our Full-Time Quran Hifz school succeeded in memorizing the Quran and became Hafiz-ul Quran, Alhamdulillah! Below are the names of the Huffaz:

1-Yasir Nadeem Khan (Son of Ahmer Nadeem Khan and Saima Ahmer Khan)

2- Solaiman Shahid Khwaja (Son of Shahid Khawaja and Sadaf Khawaja)

3- Kanwer Aazmeer Ahmed (Son of Muhammad Vakil Ahmed and Rizwana Vakil)

4- Haris Amjad Ali (Son of Amjad Ali and Nuzhat Yasmin)

Congratulations to Hafiz Yasir, Hafiz Solaiman, Hafiz Kanwar and Hafiz Haris and their parents for this biggest achievement for the sake of Allah SWT. Insha’Allah IAOS will honour them for their achievements in the Graduation Ceremony sometime in the near future.


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