The Zakat-ul-Fitr requires a few days to be distributed. All the community members are, therefore, advised to drop/pay their Zakat-ul-Fitr by Sunday, May 2nd , 2021 (20th Ramadan). This will allow IAOS to ensure the effective distribution of the money before the Eid Salat (Inshallah).

  • The amount this year is $10 per person
  • The amount can be paid through IAOS Website
  • Donation Link:
  • The amount can also be dropped in the donation boxes in the masjid.
  • If you are dropping cash without the labeled envelope please make sure you drop them in the designated boxes for Zakat-ul-Fitr only.
  • The labelled envelope can be dropped in any donation box.
  • Cash or Cheque can also be handed over to Imam, Brother Anwar Al Daas or any of the board of Director for safe deposit.
  • If you are paying through the debit machine, you must send a separate email to  with a copy of the receipt and specify the purpose of your donation.


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