Ijaza Course on the Basics on Islam.

Imam Masloh is teaching a new course for Youth (age 15-25) on the basics of Islam through the explanation of the 40 Hadiths by Imam Nawawi.
This course is starting immediately so join asap if you’re interested!.
  • Age: 15-25.
  • Time: every Saturday right after Maghrib prayer.
  • Location: IAOS Mosque.
  • For registration: come meet Imam Masloh on Saturday at Maghrib prayer time.
  • Inshallah after every 10 classes (10 Hadith) there will be a written test at the Masjid which everyone has to take to go to the next level (next 10 Hadiths).
  • The recoding is to help you review the class content, but everyone must attend at least 7 out of every 10 classes in person to be able to take the test and move to the next.
  • Memorising the 40 Hadiths is a condition to obtain the Ijaza with the Isnaad from Imam Masloh, otherwise you only get a certificate for the parts you have attended.
Please contact Imam Masloh directly if have questions or special needs.


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