As-Salam Mosque Update

In sha Allah IAOS will provide updates on the As-Salam Mosque project to the community, every second week. The following is the first update on the project.

Project Team is awaiting approval of the development Permit from the City of Regina. The Project Team and architects have worked with the City and addressed all questions about the design. All questions have been answered and the City has accepted our responses. The approval of the Development Permit is expected in the next few days.

Over the last few days, the Project Team has received traffic study from one consultant, soil investigation report from another consultant and initial concept of the interior décor from the Architects. Project Team is working with the Architects and their sub-consultants on various components of the project design, in particular design of mechanical systems, detailed construction drawings and has also received initial concept of interior decoration.

Over the next couple of weeks, after receiving the approval of the Development Permit, the Project Team will apply for utilities at the Project Site.


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