Bi-Weekly New Mosque Update from Project Team – October 12, 2023

The contractor has completed digging and filling piles on which the Mosque floor will rest. With the filling of 219 piles, the pile work is now complete Alhamdolillah. The next step is foundation work (Grade Beam), on which the Mosque walls will rest. Steel for foundation has been arriving on site for the last few days and work will commence early next week In sha Allah.

The civil works contractor is also on site and work is commencing on the underground Civil Works. This includes water, sewer and storm water lines and several other underground civil works components.

On the building side of things, IAOS has applied to the City of Regina at the end of September, for a building shell permit. A response is expected from the City of Regina within next week. The structural steel work and masonry work drawings have also been issued to potential contractors simultaneously to get quotations. Bids closing date for this work is October 19, 2023, after which the contractors for structural steel and masonry works will be selected.

The Project Team is also working with the Architect to finalize interior design concept. These details will be finalized soon In sha Allah, and a presentation will be made to the Board for approval of interior design concept.

IAOS New Mosque Project Team


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