IAOS Election Results 2017

IAOS AGM and Elections were held on September 30, 2017.   IAOS would like to thank its outgoing Board of Directors for serving the Muslim community during their term (Oct 2015-Sep 2017):

  • Mohammed Aktaruzzaman (Ex- Vice President)
  • Adeel Shaikh (Ex-Director)
  • Hossam Farouk (Ex-Director)

IAOS is pleased to announce and welcome its newly elected Board of Directors:

  • Vice President (Oct 2017-Sep 2019): Mohammed Salim
  • Treasurer (Oct 2017-Sep 2019):  Mohammed Nizamuddin Siddiqui
  • Director (Oct 2017-Sep 2019): Tahir Ahmed Hashmi
  • Director (Oct 2017-Sep 2019): Rabiah Siddique



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