IAOS Membership Fee Notice

IAOS Membership Fee Notice


This message is being sent on behalf of the Board to all members in good standing of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAOS). The Board has received numerous suggestions, and is in agreement, that the membership fees of the IAOS should be increased. The current minimum membership fees of $15/month for an individual and $30/month for the family has been the same for decades, while expenses for the Masjid have continued to increase.

The constitution of the IAOS (Section 3.1 of Article VI) requires the Board to decide what the membership fees will be and to present this to the members for approval at the Annual General Meeting. The constitution (Section 1.1 of Article XIII) also requires any proposed changes to the constitution to be circulated to all Members at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Accordingly, the Board is circulating this notice of the following proposed changes will be put to a vote at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on September 29, 2019:

  1. Increase of the membership fee for individual membership from $15/month to $30/month.
  2. Increase of the membership fee for family membership from $30/month to $60/month.
  3. Introduce two new classes of membership: Student Member and Senior Member (age 65 and over) the minimum fees for which will be $15/month.


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