Changes to IAOS Membership Fees

Changes to IAOS Membership Fees

On October 6, 2019, the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) for the IAOS was held at the University of Regina. IAOS Membership fees were discussed. The members in good standing present at the AGM voted to make the following changes:

To change the monthly membership fee for members in good standing as follows:

  • Individual memberships, from $15/month to $20/month; and
  • Family memberships, from $30/month to $40/month.

The new fees will take effect as of January 2020. The IAOS Board encourages anyone who is not a member of the Association to become a member by filling out the form here. The Board also encourages all members in good standing to attend the AGM held every year in September or in October if quorum is not met.


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