IAOS AGM and Elections 2021 Results

IAOS congratulates and welcome the new members to the board. Also, IAOS thanks the members who have completed the term and appreciates their contribution and efforts made during the term.

Member completed their term (Oct 2019 to Sep 2021):

  • Vice President: Br. Mansoor Haque (Br. Amr Henni – Acting)
  • Treasurer: Sr. Rubina Surtie
  • Director: Br. Syed Moazzam
  • Director: Sr. Najma Kazmi

New Members to the Board (Oct 2021 to Sep 2023):

  • Vice President: Br. Khurram Awan
  • Treasurer: Br. Fahad Meer
  • Director: Br. Waseem Haider
  • Director: Sr. Sanobar Siddiqui


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