Membership deadlines for IAOS AGM 2023

For new members wanting to attend and vote in the IAOS AGM 2023, the completed membership application and membership fee should be received by IAOS by July 31, 2023. This will provide sufficient time for evaluating the applications as per the constitution section 2.2, which allows the board up to 8 weeks.

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Eid Bazaar

Eid Bazaar will be on June 27th 2023 from 4:30 pm to 9 pm at IAOS south mosque parking lot.

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As-Salam Mosque Update

Project Team is awaiting approval of the development Permit from the City of Regina. The Project Team and architects have worked with the City and addressed all questions about the design. All questions have been answered and the City has accepted our responses. The approval of the Development Permit is expected in the next few days.

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Summer Market May 21st 2023

Join us at the IAOS Summer Market on Sunday May 21st from 3:00-6:00 PM, a vibrant celebration of our community! This is an incredible opportunity to try a variety of traditional and local food, have a fun-filled afternoon, mingle with community members, and show your support for our local businesses. Let’s come together with our families, have fun, and enjoy the warm weather—see

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